Annual Maintenance ( AMC )

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We offer a one year guarantee period on the purchase of all our security systems. Under this we take care of any repairs or related issues for free. After a years’ time, if satisfied a client may as well get into an annual maintenance contract with us. Under this we take absolute care that the security and fire systems are working in fine condition. This apart we may as well go in for an upgrade as per a client’s desire which will have us fitting the latest in security that technology has to offer.

Routine visits Our engineers make a routine visit to the clients’ company and check the fine working condition of the security system by testing them thoroughly. This apart under an emergency break down of the equipments we may be called for without hesitation.

Supply support In case of a sudden breakdown of the security system we have our servicing team immediately get on it as we are ready with a standby support. This greatly minimizes the time period for which the system would not be in a working condition. For further details on Annual Maintenance Contact (AMC) As far as choosing for an Annual Maintenance Contract and its payment are concerned, it has to be done in advance. While for further queries you may simply get in touch with us on the contact details given on the website via landline, mobile and email.


Checklist for Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Alarm Panel housing cleaning which includes internal PCB Cleaning.
  • Checking the control panel to ascertain that it shows normal operation
  • Checking of random detectors for correct operation.
  • Detectors & Devices cleaning with the help of blower.
  • Loop Voltage checking
  • Battery Voltage checking
  • Visual checking of all cable fittings and equipment are secure, undamaged and adequately protected.
  • Check the system for any errors and alarms.
  • Power Supply checks AC Voltages across phase-neutral / phase-earth / neutral-earth. Checking DC voltages across DC power supply.
  • Checking of communication cables.
  • Sort out any problematic issues with respect to the system and corrective actions for the existing problems
  • Giving training to concerned staff.

Checklist for Fire Extinguisher

  • Pressure checking on pressure gauge which should be at recommended level of Fire Extinguishers (not too high and not too low)
  • Checking powder level of chemical in Fire Extinguishers to see if it needs to be refilled.
  • Verifying the pull pin is properly secured within the handle and held in place by the tamper seal.
  • Examining the fire extinguisher for any cracks, dents, or rust on its shaft which might hinder its performance.
  • Check that there is a visible instruction label on the fire extinguisher, and that it is legible in case of emergency Giving training to concerned staff.

Other Checklists

Checklist for Access Control System

1. Access Control panel housing cleaning which includes PCB Cleaning

2. Reader connection checking for loose connections

3. Magnetic lock cleaning for Dust & carbon gathered on it due to corrosion which may affects magnetic plate contact.

4. Access Control Panel, Magnetic Lock & SMPS voltage checking.

5. Push button mechanism checking

6. Software Database configuration & report generation checking for Smooth working of attendance entry.

7. Checking of Network connectivity

8. Visual checking of all cable fittings and equipment are secure, undamaged and adequately protected.

9. Giving training to concerned staff.

Checklist for CCTV System

1. Camera Housing Cleaning

2. Camera lens cleaning

3. Checking lenses for correct field of view and adjust as necessary

4. Check pictures for correct field of view and adjust as necessary

5. Camera Power supply checking

6. DVR Hard disk recordings and test playback quality

7. Visual inspection of all major CCTV components including cabling and Connections for deterioration or damage

8. Giving training to concerned staff.

Checklist for Public Address System

1. Speaker Connection Checking

2. Amplifier voltage checking

3. Checking all amplifier connections, knobs and sliders – tighten any that are loose

4. Cleaning the heads on audio players.

5. Checking the base of the microphone for bent or loose pins.

6. Checking mains power supplies, examine all plugs and fuses for condition.

7. Checking system is fully operational.

8. Visual checking of all the cable fittings and equipments are secure, undamaged and adequately protected.

9. Giving training to concerned staff.

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