With a proper bill of quantities (BOQ) we have the clients’ deep involvement right from the start as far as set up and installation of the security systems is concerned. We intimately work with the clients listening out their requirements and ideas. We respect their vital inputs for who will know a property better then its owner. Thus, closely working we develop a security design to the clients’ absolute satisfaction.  To sum it up we value a clients sentiments and his desire to thoroughly fortify his property.
We provide with a sample quote depending on the area size of property or enterprise. The sample quotes may be readily downloaded from our website in pdf format. These quotes come in four options, namely as per the area size ranging from 5000 sq ft to 25000 sq ft. The quotes again have absolute details about the security systems to be purchased by the clients. The details include Conventional Fire Alarm System, CCTV System; access Control Systems, public Address System and fire Extinguishers. The details listed in the sample quotes is in terms description of these security systems, the units of equipments to be purchased, the price of each unit as well as the overall price. These details although not realistic give the client a fair enough idea of what all is he purchasing as well as the amount he will be paying. We sort out every query clearing exactly why he needs a particular security equipment to be in his premises while installing another one isn’t necessary. It is this transparency in the transactions between us as and the clients that has us earn their respect, trust and in the end lasting loyalty.

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