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Mixologist must know the Mixology
I want Site SurveyI want Safety Planning
Risk Assessment and Right safety measures are, no Joke

All of you rely on system integrator to design and install compliant equipment and offer appropriate safety solutions, but you often struggle to find the most qualified provider. Safety and Security solutions are multidisciplinary. Subject involves much needed safety risk assessment skills, knowledge of modern safety rules, and know how to apply safety technologies in a way that also improves corporate safety.


Total Security Planning

System Installation & Integration

Maintenance Contract

Fire Protection

Gas suppression systems
Fire Alarm System
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Suppression System
Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler Systems

Fire Risk Assessment
Mock Fire drill

System Installation

Security Systems

CCTV-Camera systems
Parking Management
Intruder Alarm System
Access Control System

Survey, Inspection
Risk Assessment

System Installation

Apt solutions are more urgent than brands

Fight the fire outside.Win over the danger inside
Free site surveyInspection

Just because you can plan a safety solution doesn’t mean it’s the right one

Allow us to apply the right solution to the situation
Free site surveyInspection
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