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Vedant Fire and Security Systems Pvt. Ltd (VFSSPL) is an ISO-9001:2008 company involved in designing, marketing as well consulting for all types of fire,security & safety systems. VFSSPL deals in the complete range of Electronic Security Systems such as access control system, Closed circuit Television (CCTV), Fire detection & alarm system, Intruder Alarm system, Audio/Video communication systems, Perimeter detection system, etc. ensuring total security & safety.




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    • Involving the provision of a complete product and service that is ready for immediate use.


    “turnkey systems for corporate industrial customers”

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  • Safety & Security Solutions
  • NOC and Commissioning

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  • Testing
  • Electrical Audit
  • Strategy based solutions


We are company dealing in the complete range of Fire & Security Systems Supply & Installation.We are ISO-9001:2008 CERTIFIED, CRISIL CERTIFIED (RATING-SE 3B) along with  domestic LICENSEs for FIRE ALARM (C Category),FIRE FIGHTING(D Category). And  D&B D-U-N-S no. 65-068-5436 for global global marketplace.


We do site survey, safety design, install, commission, market as well consult for all types of fire, security & safety systems. We do AMCs to ensure that your safety installations are working fine and you are safe & secure.


We work at domestic as well as international level. From small scale organization to known brands, from local office to remote place, from banks to corporate offices, from factory floors to international airports, from small to turnkey project.

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A prototype is an early method we use to release of a product BOQ built to test a site survey concept or process or to act as a integration process to be copied


Fire or Security system design is the creation of a plan or convention for the integration of right products, systems or measurable human interaction


System integration is the process of bringing together the security component sub-systems into one system


Faultless installation is job of experienced, adept and professional. We have many of them.

Site Survey

Let us study what’s right for your safety

Site survey is the first step in the operation of a security system and the most important step before system design to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to understand the actions of makes and models, find out coverage areas, checks for intrusion and determines the appropriate placement of security systems devices.


Initial findings

We have primary job to answer the what, why and who queries on the path to opening truths behind safety design decisions and security flaws.

Research Concoction

From layout to standardized BOQ, we examine initial findings using a variety of products to validate safety recommendations.


Our reports include detailed product descriptions and safety recommendations to ensure the uprightness of subsequent on-site efforts.

Annual Maintenance ( AMC )

Ensures predictable performance

We offer a one year guarantee period on the purchase of all our security systems. Under this we take care of any repairs or related issues for free. After a years’ time, if satisfied a client may as well get into an annual maintenance contract with us. Under this we take absolute care that the security and fire systems are working in fine condition. This apart we may as well go in for an upgrade as per a client’s desire which will have us fitting the latest in security that technology has to offer.

Routine visits by an engineer

Our engineers make a routine visit to the clients’ company and check the fine working condition of the security system by testing them thoroughly. This apart under an emergency break down of the equipment we may be called for without hesitation.

Supply support

In case of a sudden breakdown of the security system we have our servicing team immediately get on it as we are ready with a standby support. This greatly minimizes the time period for which the system would not be in a working condition. For further details on Annual Maintenance Contact (AMC) As far as choosing for an Annual Maintenance Contract and its payment are concerned, it has to be done in advance. While for further queries you may simply get in touch with us on the contact details given on the website via landline, mobile and email



Name and address of both the parties
Details of the products under contract
Duration of contract
Nature of AMC (comprehensive or non-comprehensive)
Cost of the contract
Product checklist
Service checklist
Number of visits and breakdown calls by the service engineer
Payment terms
Penalty clause

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