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Site survey is the first step in the operation of a security system and the most important step before system design to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to understand the actions of makes and models, find out coverage areas, checks for intrusion and determines the appropriate placement of security systems devices.


-Site survey
-Visit by certified professional
-Report submission with facts & figures
-Lead time 72 hours
-Location of critical areas
-System recommendations
-Best performing model suggestions
-Complete system design
-Design submission
-BOQ preparations with make & model list


Avoids unnecessary speculations.
Plugs the extra spending on unwanted devices
Gives you guideline for resource planning,budget planning and thereby future spending.


How many smoke detectors,Cameras are required?
Which brand is advisable for my office?
How BOQ is done ?
What should be our budget?


Visit by certified professional Lead time 72 hours
Report submission with facts & figures
Location of critical areas
Best performing model suggestions
Complete system design & recommendations
BOQ preparations with make & model list


Avoids unnecessary speculations.
Plugs the extra spending on unwanted devices
Gives you guideline for resource planning ,budget planning
and thereby future spending.


One of our proudest achievements is our consultancy to all Metro rail and Mono rail projects in Mumbai.


Our policy of educating customers has reaped rich dividends for us


Solutions are more important than brands.

Site Survey

Site survey is an integral part before setting up of the security systems. Everything depends on it; from choosing a particular security system to its placement, from the units of equipment required to the assurance that they will absolutely fortify the premises. This is where the role of an expert site surveyor comes into play. The very design of setting up a security system in a property depends on the conclusions as reached by the surveyor. His inputs given after the survey set the foundation on which a security system design may be planned.
This becomes super efficient in more than one ways. For starters a survey provides with enough details for a complete security set up. There are no uncertainties and doubts left hovering. It simply does away with the unwanted set up of devises and equipments. This is otherwise common place while doing security system installation in big company premises. It gives greater savings as costs are curtailed.
We at Vedant Security Systems provide clients with certified and experienced site surveyors who have worked in this arena for years and have a deeper understanding of the mechanism of the security systems. They study the premises appropriately and chalk down as to fitting of which equipments would do well for the surveillance and protection of an area. They know as to which points in a premises will require extra protection as it might have higher chances of intrusion.

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