Q1) From the vast list of fire and security systems that you have on display what all items do I need and choose to guard my property?
ANS- For the very purpose we will closely work with you, detailing absolutely about all the products that we have in the offing. At the same time we design a foolproof security design specially set up for you personally. This security set up is again the most advanced that technology has to offer and at the same time very cost efficient as well. On your part all you need to do is contact us and leave the rest on us.

Q2) With all the fuss surrounding CCTV, how is it actually going to help me with safeguarding my property against theft?
ANS- The main function of CCTV is to watch, as in surveillance. It greatly boosts of the ability of guards and security persons to keep the complete vicinity under check. In fact casinos, prisons, hotels, and banks have seen the CCTVs become an invaluable security asset in helping them get a better view on all things.

Q3) Is CCTV expensive or will it fit in my budget if I want it for home security use?
ANS- CCTV is very much inexpensive and anyone can afford the CCTV set up to safe guard even his home for that matter. There are added features which further fortify your CCTV set up. This may be like adding extra cameras or for that matter the IR (Infra-Red) Camera that has the unique ability of seeing and recording in the dark as well.


Q4) How is a fire alarm system going to save me from a potential destructive fire?  Is it a must have while setting up a security system in my property?
ANS- any security system is incomplete without the presence of a proper fire system to go with it as well. People fitting a security system at their place should also fit in a proper fire alarm system as it has continually proved to be invaluable in saving innumerable lives and avoided severe damage to property around the world.

Q5) How does a fire alarm system work?

ANS- A fire alarm system may be classified into three types. There is the widely used Conventional fire alarm system which has been around for years. They are the best options to go for people having a budgetary constraint. Addressable fire Alarm System and Hybrid fire detection systems are the more advanced systems giving even better alertness and protection against a fire. They are far more superior when it comes to speed and detection as well as their set up.


Q6) Where do you get your security and fire systems from? How foolproof and trustworthy are they?

ANS- The supplies of fire and security systems at Vedant Security Systems come from the best of them manufacturers and suppliers. Samsung, axis, Bosch, Morley, Honeywell and Capture are just some of the names in the list of leading suppliers that we get our supplies from.


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